Guy David Nalley
Badge #749
39th Oklahoma Highway Patrol Academy

At about 8:20 p.m. on September, 27, 1984, Nalley stopped a tractor-trailer rig on State Highway 6, twelve miles northwest of Sayre, Oklahoma. A routine DL and registration check revealed that both the truck and its trailer were reported stolen.

Nalley requested backup, with Trooper Mike McClellan responding. McClellan reached the scene about fifteen minutes later, and found Nalley by the side of the road, shot twice in the head. A search was quickly launched, and the suspected assailant, later identified as William E. Best, was apprehended by Beckham County Sheriff's deputies about ninety minutes later near Elk City.

Best was charged with murder, but committed to Eastern State Hospital in Vinita, Oklahoma for psychiatric evaluation prior to trial. During the time he was at Vinita, a woman smuggled a handgun into the institution for Best. He subsequently took hostages inside the hospital.

Best was killed in the course of the incident by OHP 2nd Lieutenant Bob Green.

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