Slain Troopers Monument
Court Street, Caddo, Oklahoma

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March 1999 (Northwest View). Caddo City Park next to the former Slack residence. The escapees stopped the stolen pickup between the large tree at center of photo and the southeast corner of the carport. They made their last stand in the area between the park bench and the carport. Photo by Bruce Schulze

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– In Memory –

Trooper Billy G. Young, 50, and Trooper Houston F. Summers, 62, killed 1 mile south and 1 3/10 miles east of the highway 22 and 48 Jct, southeast of Kenefic, Okla., and 2Lt. Pat Grimes, 36, killed in front of 510 Court street in Caddo, Oklahoma.

These men gave their lives in the line of Duty May 26, 1978, ending a month-long, three-state murder spree by two Oklahoma prison escapees.

"It's only the inspiration of those who die that makes those who live realize what constitutes a useful life."
                                                     – Will Rogers –  

"Donated by Caddo Lions Club."

Photo by Bruce Schulze

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