Durant (Okla.) Daily Democrat, July 19, 1978

Dennis, Lancaster Campsite Is Found

The saga of Claude Dennis and Michael Lancaster had another chapter added Tuesday with discovery of another campsite they used during their four-week killing spree.

Sheriff's deputies found a rifle, two sleeping bags, camping equipment and a prison issue shirt at a location two miles north of US 70, between Lakewood Ranchettes road and a road near Silo where Dennis' ex-brother in law lives.

"We got a call from John Bower, who lives out in the area, He said that he had found a campsite and thought it might be one of the ones used by Dennis and Lancaster," deputy sheriff Joe Paul Johnson said.

Bower led officers to the location and the camping equipment was taken to the sheriff's office for examination.

"I wonder when we will quit finding things that those two did and left behind?" Sheriff O.W. Highfill said. "That's about the worst thing that has ever happened in this county, and it's time it's forgotten about.

"We lost three fine OHP troopers and several other innocent people were killed by those two," he said, "It was a real shame it had to end like it did."

Dennis and Lancaster were killed by OHP troopers in a shootout in Caddo eight weeks ago. They had killed nine persons in Oklahoma, Texas, and Alabama during their four weeks of freedom after escaping from the McAlester prison.