Durant (Okla.) Daily Democrat, Tuesday, May 30, 1978

Keeping in Step By Bob Peterson

We've just sailed through one holiday that Congress couldn't screw up by moving it around-Memorial day always has been on a Monday.

But on the other hand it's had to get congressmen to break a habit.

With Memorial day falling naturally on a Monday, they couldn't resist the temptation. They took Tuesday as their "holiday." Figure that one out if you can.

NOTICED WHILE buying the three-pound can of coffee we at the Democrat slurp our way through every week that the price has dropped again.

It's down 30 cents for that quantity - the equivalent of a dime a pound. Cost for a three-pound can is off 90 cents since the first of the year.

COME THE next city council meeting, we have an idea the members (county commissioners, too) will decide the best route is to pay Hope the additional monthly subsidy the company is asking.

The city of Ada just bought two ambulances on bid - at $16,636 each. It will take another 2,300-plus for some of the equipment not included in the bid.

Four years ago you could get a fully-equipped rig for around $10,000.

Neither the Ada Fire department nor Valley View hospital (both far bigger than what we have here) want to get tangled up with running an emergency service.

Police will run 'em until a lease deal is set up with a private concern.

GEORGE NIGH put in an appearance at the opening of Girls State up in Ada this week - but you can't accuse the lieutenant governor of showing up because it's election year.

He's been there in some capacity or other every year for 28 years-goes back to when he was a teacher at McAlester High-the year before he was elected to the House of Representatives.

THESE THINGS, it appears, are going to keep cropping up, but Texas and Oklahoma authorities are still investigating the activities of Dennis and Lancaster.

They must have a file cabinet full by now, if everything were put in one place.

As an example, the pickup truck of James Dowdy, the Hemphill, Tex., man whose body finally turned up Sunday. Written down in a report somewhere are when Dowdy last had it serviced, the mileage when it was found alongside US 69 south of Colbert, and how much gas was left in the tank.

Dennis had about $5 on him when he died; Lancaster had $205 in his pocket, most of it was Russell Washington's money.