September 19, 1999

Roger Hamilton
1922 Provincetown Lane
Richardson, TX 75243

In 1978 I was 12 years old and remember vividly my mother, my older brother and I listening to the scanner and waiting for a phone call because dad (Trooper Al Hamilton) was on assignment there too. I remember that we heard Troopers had been killed but couldn't get information on who. I was scared that dad wouldn't make it home and later found out how close he was to the final shootout. I ran across this website accidentally and was taken back by how much this had affected me. I remember what we went through and how we felt when we knew dad was OK and how sad we felt for those who didn't make it home from that assignment. My older brother is now a Trooper (Trooper Ron Hamilton) in Claremore wearing dad's old badge number and I feel incredibly proud of my father, brother and all who give their lives in one way or another to be an Oklahoma State Trooper. This website is a great tribute to those three who lost their lives in the line of duty!

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