December 14, 2000

Rusty Henderson
P. O. Box 267
Waynesboro, MS 39367

The Camaro Z28 that was stolen in Waynesboro, MS and was used in the shooting of the Butler Police Officer belonged to me (Rusty Henderson). The Lord must have had a plan for my family because that is the first night my 15 month old daughter slept all night.  These men looked in our window I guess to make sure we did not wake up.  They also tore up the ignition in my other car to make sure we couldn't leave.  They cut our phone lines and carried our two dogs off.  We did get the car back after the ordeal and I still own it to this day bullet holes and all. If you want to know any further information you can e-mail me at or call 1-800-647-6282. It was very interesting finding this article on the internet. Thanks

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