By Ralph Enloe
Hominy Police Department

In order to pay our last respects
At attention we all stand,
And for the proper length of time
Our badge wears a mourning band.

We all wonder who will be next,
Or when will our widow cry,
When daddy doesn't come home at night
Who tells his children why?

There is hope in all our hearts
That death, our life would spare,
But too, we know outside of cops,
Not too many people care.

We know our prisons are insecure,
The gates not closed too tight,
Brave men are missing from their place
While we carry on the fight.

What happens to the human mind,
A life, so lightly to take?
Not realizing, or even caring
Of the hardships he will make.

We aren't allowed to show our grief
Or the pain that grips our soul;
To make the streets and highways safe,
That is our goal.

So when we dress for our short tour
We wear our badges with pride -
We fight crime, a noble task
Our feelings deep inside.

Once again that long line stood in silence
Their minds clouded over with doubt,
As comrades in arms, by six tall men
Were slowly carried out.

                           Paul Enloe
                                 Hominy Police Department

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