Supreme Sacrifice

The following is taken from COSMOPOLITAN, weekly magazine publication of the Oklahoma City Police Department. It is a beautiful tribute to the three Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers who lost their lives on May 26, and we reprint it in the Safety Signal, knowing those who were closest to Houston Summers, Billy Young and Pat Grimes will cherish it forever:

"This past week has been a tragic one for the families of Lt. Pat Grimes, Trooper Billy G. Young and Trooper Houston Summers of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, as these three brave warriors made the supreme sacrifice by giving their lives to the task to which they were so dedicated.

This has been a tragic week for law enforcement as well, and for each of us who did not share the privilege of knowing these troopers personally, we did know them as brother officers and our loss is a great one. For the bonds of law enforcement bind together the minds and the hearts of all of us who are dedicated to that task, and when one of us makes the supreme sacrifice, we, each of us, loses a part of our being.

As we sat in the churches and in the places of worship and as our hearts ached, while listening to the eulogies to these brave men, we felt, along with that pain, a certain comfort as we looked out into the sea of faces and saw countless numbers of law enforcement officers from every corner of this nation, attesting to the fact that this brotherhood is truly a binding one. We felt a great relief as we looked further and saw the faces of hundreds of citizens from not only local communities, but from distant ones as well, who came to pay their respects to those fallen men. It gave comfort to us to know that so many of those to whom we have dedicated our lives of service could feel in their hearts a camaraderie so precious to all men.

Life, our most precious possession, is the great gift to us by the Almighty, who has designed our destiny. It is He who decides our fate.

To the wives and to the children and to the parents of those dedicated men, we know that even as your hearts ache with your burden, you are proud of their legacy, as we are. The thousands of law enforcement officers who were privileged to serve in this profession with your husband, with your father and with your son, bask in the light of their remembrance."

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