A Tribute
By Trooper Bob Brashear

Who were these men
Who put their lives on the line
They were husbands and fathers
And friends of mankind;
They were all worthy persons
These men who wore brown,
The state lost a great asset
When they were cut down.
One was called "Pappy,"
A grand old man.
Some say he was too old
To enforce the laws of the land;
But "Pappy" joined early
And he came to stay:
He helped make this outfit
What it is today.
One was called Bill,
A Mr. Highway Patrol,
His mind was always on duty,
Never seen him callous or cold;
He lived by his oath of office,
Worth his salary tenfold.
One was called Pat,
An exemplary man.
Fit words to describe him
Are not at my command.
To know him was to love him
He was that kind of man.
We've never paid more dearly
To keep our safe state,
As when we lost Grimes, Young and Summers,
Killed by men crazed with hate.
So don't be ashamed all you grown men who cried,
On May 26, when part of us died.

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